Terms and Conditions

The website www.marianfitstudio.ro includes videos, texts, pictures, databases, services, logos, any kind of information, advertisements, etc. which constitutes the “content” of the site. Anyone accessing this site must read and comply with these “Terms and Conditions” set forth below, before accessing the site. Browsing and using the site www.marianfitstudio.ro represents your acceptance, without limitations or reservations, of these “Terms and Conditions”. www.marianfitstudio.ro reserves the right, on a unilateral basis, to change, correct, modify, add and / or withdraw in part or in full these terms, without prior notice. These changes will take effect from the moment of publication on www.marianfitstudio.ro


The member is represented by any person who has or obtains access to the CONTENT, by creating and using an ACCOUNT. Creating an account implies the obligation to provide real and current information of the member such as: username, password and other information requested through the registration form. By registering as a member, the acceptance is sent to www.marianfitstudio.ro to use the data transmitted through the registration form for the transmission of information.

What responsibilities does Marian Fit Studio assume?

marianfitstudio.ro does not offer any guarantees that the service will work without interruptions, without errors and the faults will be remedied in due time. At the same time, www.marianfitstudio.ro does not guarantee that security problems or human and / or software errors can be completely prevented.

www.marianfitstudio.ro cannot be held responsible for any damages, losses or inconveniences caused by the use of the service. The responsibility for using the service lies entirely with the user.

Return policy

The value of a subscription paid for 30 days with access to training or a nutrition package for 1 month, cannot be returned.

What commitments do I make?

Before benefiting from the services offered by I.I. Atanasiu Daniel Marinică,I declare on my own responsibility the following:

1. I have been informed that participation in training sessions requires a sustained physical effort and by accepting this statement I show that I assume any possible consequences on my health that may arise from carrying out the training activity.

2. I declare that I have been informed of the risks of injury and I undertake to follow the instructions given during the training by the representatives of Î.I. Atanasiu Daniel Marinică and to respect the minimum rules for injury prevention, assuming full responsibility for the possible consequences on my health that may arise from carrying out sports activities.

3. I show that I am in good health and I do not suffer from chronic diseases that would make it contraindicated to practice intense sports.

4. I undertake not to participate in training under the influence of drugs, alcoholic beverages or psychotropic substances, fully assuming the consequences on my health if I violate this obligation.

5. I consent to the use of the photos uploaded by me on this site for promotional and advertising purposes by I.I. Atanasiu Daniel Marinică.

6. I, the undersigned, declare that I have read and fully understood all the clauses of this statement on my own responsibility which I fully assume and in the case that I suffer from injuries while practicing sports activities I understand to exonerate and fully exempt Î.I. Atanasiu Daniel Marinică and the entire staff, as well as the collaborators of Î.I. Atanasiu Daniel Marinică of any claim for compensation, claim, legal action, complaint, expenses (including court costs). By signing this declaration I release Î.I. Atanasiu Daniel Marinică of any obligation and claim of any kind and I understand that this release will be respected by the relatives and heirs or representatives of the undersigned.

7. Certificate I.I. Atanasiu Daniel Marinică the fact that I am over 18 years old, and if I am not yet 18 years old, this statement will be presented to my parents or legal guardians who will be co-signatories.

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